About Us

About Pathmaker Trading & Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

Pathmaker Trading & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Work is a direct selling business that offers a comprehensive range of Products directly to the consumers. We are aiming fulfills the dream of every individual associated with us. Our network of registered distributors and consumers gets special benefits and opportunities due to our incresing dominance in the direct selling industry of our country.

Pathmaker Trading & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. brings forth products and services that are hard to replicate. Being the Best Direct Selling Company, it aims at not just to satisfy its Customers & Distributors but to form healthy and lasting business relationships with them.

Business Model

Our business model is based on product package.

Trust & Service

Our systems are under 24x7 monitoring. We periodically tests out it based on user requirements.

Our Experience

Working in this field since 5 years, we invented uniqtraders as a brand.

Our Mission

The mission of the Company is to provide comprehensive range of Products services.

Our Vision

Our Company has a strong vision in future and are committed to give Quality Products.

Our Goal

The aim of the Company is to make available unique Quality products.